Restaurants in Laganas, Zante

To visit Greece and then spend every meal time eating in the same place, i.e booking an all-inclusive holiday, in our opinion, is a real tragedy. What’s for dinner? Oh it’s chips and salad again and some mystery meat. So don’t go all inclusive, you will be bored of the food by day 3 and eat out anyway and it doesn’t save you money, it’s just a big con and a way for the companies and big hoteliers to take all of your money. There is nothing better than a classic Greek dining experience which is still just about possible to find in Laganas, most of the restaurants below will have some Greek specials on their menu. We have also included some great options for those on a budget, which many of the 18 – 30 crowd who visit Laganas are as they would rather spend their euros on alcohol!

Enjoying the local cuisine is all part of the fun of travelling abroad so promise us you will at least TRY something Greek! You HAVE to try a Gyros (Greek Kebab) and also Lamb Kleftiko, Souvlaki, Calamari, Greek Salad, Beef Stifado, Stuffed Peppers – just go for it you will love it. These are the best places to eat out in Laganas Zante.

Naked Zante’s Top Restaurants to Visit

Cool Peppers

This place gets the vote for the best restaurant in Laganas. An exquisite, beach front venue with a great ambience, amazing views and funky background beats. Enjoy a gorgeous sunset and although you pay 1 or 2 euros more, the food is excellent and well worth it. This is the place for a romantic date, or if your celebrating a special occasion or you’re just feeling really chilled. Try one of the Greek specials or if you’re hungry order the ribs – ABSOLUTELY HUGE!


Chevy’s is quite simply the greatest. Without Chevy’s hundred’s of Zante workers would probably never last the Summer. This very popular venue is a large, American style diner, right in the middle of the strip. Chevy’s has a huge menu and unlike lot’s of places with huge menu’s  – all of it is good. The Chevy’s ‘Wake Up Call‘ breakfast gets a special mention, the Chilli con Carne saved the day more than once and the Chicken Fajitas were amazing too. We also loved the comfy booths and the very friendly service. This place is always full up with workers and is a very safe bet for a nice bite to eat. Oh and they do game changing milkshakes if you’re hungover, which no doubt you frequently will be.


BJ’s is a 21st century version of a fast food outlet, which we think, all of the other ones in Laganas, who have not changed so much as their sign since the 1980’s should probably look at and ask themselves ‘Why are they always busy?’. BJ’s sell funky burgers, absolutely delicious milkshakes, wonderful Greek coffee (if you like coffee you need to try how the Greeks do it) and best of all BJ’s is home to the mythical 1 Euro pizza slice. Yes, that’s right, when you are down to your last euro, BJ’s will give you a tasty, deent sized bit of Pizza, it’s nothing short of FANTASTIC. The Gyros (Greek kebab) is pretty decent too.

Peri Heaven

This is basically Nando’s and is very popular for obvious reason, always busy the chicken is clucking lovely here and everything is exactly the same as your local Nando’s, they are just waiting on the franchise agreement, however, this is Greece so things like that can take decades. In the meantime, this is a very safe bet for a tasty meal in Laganas, it’s on the Kalamaki road.

Bon Amici

This restaurant is a little gem in Kalamaki, so you will need to get a taxi to it, which will cost 6-8 euro. However, it gives you an opportunity to get out of Laganas, also Kalamaki has some nice bars so a good idea if you want to explore a little. And if you like Italian food this is as good as it gets in Zante. Lovely pasta’s and pizza’s served in a classic style at a penthouse location with lovely views. The service is with a genuine smile and the home made wine by Nicos will knock your socks off!

Big Boys

This has a yummy salad bar, as we didn’t fancy a kebab or a pizza every night! And the French fries were really nice, just as good as McDonalds, (which is very expensive in Zante, and the restaurant is an absolute mess, why they don’t have a cleaner I don’t know, it’s like feeding time at the Zoo) Big Boys is really good value as well, nice Gyros, decent burgers and really nice milkshakes.