Feast your eyes on some of the latest Zante videos to see what you can look forward to on your visit to Zante. Featuring promo videos by the leading event companies and also some vlogs by Zante tourists to give you the real life perspective .

Zante 2019 Highlights

Drone footage of the Laganas Strip and scenes from the Nathan Dawe Tour 2019 with Aitch, Young T and Bugsy and Headie 1. Also footage from VVIP Yacht Party and the Foam Party.

A-List Zante promo

Zante’s #1 Selling event package features the top events on the island including The White Party @ Republic Beach Club, Nathan Dawe Tour and VVIP Yacht Party. Over 5,000 people a Summer snap this up and save money, check out this years packages on their website.

Zante Event Packages 2020

VVIP Yacht Party Teaser

Hosted on a triple deck Super Yacht this is the boat party you need a ticket for in Zante, absolutely unmissable. Champagne Bubbly blasters, Ciroc shots galore, live saxaphonist, a huge sound system VVIP Zante throw everything at you.

The White Party

No point describing this really, it’s the biggest event on the island hosted at the best venue available for a party in Zante with the biggest budget DJ Line up every Summer. Expect absolute scenes!!

Insane week in Zante with my girls

“Last week I went away to Zante with all my best friends and we had the craziest time! I thought I’d film it for you, the clips are choppy I know but I wanted to spend the holiday with my friends rather then filming it all but here are some of the best bits”

A vlog by a nice group of girls who appeared to have a great time on their holiday, scenes of the girls enjoying the White Party and VVIP.

Vlog by some lads

Skip to 5.41 for what the morning after looks like in Zante! These lads did the White Party, Nathan Dawe, Paint and Foam party, looked like fun.