The White Party Zante 2023

Not getting tickets for The White Party in Zante is a massive fail – expect 99% of people in the resort to be there as it’s the main event of the week attracting crowds of up to 3,000 people. On top of that The White Party has a brand-new venue which has changed the game in Zante completely. Karma Day Club is simply incredible, purpose built to host the biggest party on the island.
Read on for event details, the DJ line-up for 2023, how to get tickets and info about VIP upgrades.
The White Party has been a Zante institution for the last 16 years and has put the island on the map as a quality destination for young adults looking to party. The dress code is genius and works perfectly for a Summer party and with some of the biggest names in house music flying in every Sunday to perform you can see why this is such a hot ticket.
The White Party has the biggest budget DJ Line-up in Zante every Summer with huge names like Ben Hemsley, Solardo, Sam Divine, Hannah Wants, Prunk, Schak, Hannah Laing and Danny Howard confirmed to be playing Summer 2023. Get White Party Tickets Here
The White Party is the biggest show in Zante with plenty of other stuff going on to hype up the atmosphere. Girls and guys can hit up the beauty bar, champagne and sushi is a treat for early arrivals, then as the venue fills up and the party starts popping a whole bevy of performance artists start getting into it.
We particularly loved the MC with his trumpet and bongo drum who enticed us onto the the dance floor in front of the stage which was very exciting with flame throwers and CO2 cannons going off while very sexy young men dished out vodka shots galore.

Add all of the above together you can see why this event is such a hot ticket. Camelphat dropping Cola at The White Party was probably the highlight of our holiday in Zante and it was also our last night so the fireworks at the end really capped off an amazing week in Zante.

We turned up dressed to the nines, but by the end of the night some boys we knew had thrown us in the pool and it all ended up very messy. A pool party for 3,000 people in Zante is an experience you will never forget that’s for sure!

We booked our tickets via VVIP Zante as we got a really good deal on their A-List events package which included the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, Nathan Dawe Tour and a Foam Party. We paid a deposit of £30 to reserve then the rest in Zante at their office on the Laganas Strip.

The whole package including events and a discount wristband for the week which was really handy we got for £95 which was a bargain.

This event gives you everything you need to have a great night. The venue, the dress code, the music and the entertainment there’s not really much more you can ask for.

We had an amazing time and would definitely recommend. If you’re a big group then a cabana or pool side bed could be a shout and also chip in for a bottle of vodka to save queuing at the bar. Reserve White Party tickets via A-List Zante, link below.

Big groups email or Text/Whatsapp 07462 891424 to enquire.

Charlie Denton aged 18 attended June, 2022 

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