by Charlie Denton, 1st of March 2021

No definite answer at this moment in time. Many clubs were open last year, however, there were restrictions. You weren’t allowed to dance basically so packed dance floors and mosh pits were out, sitting down and dancing on your bottom was in. As you can imagine this was absolutely tragic. Some venues allowed a little dancing but were then hit with massive fines.

Then came the real hammer blow, which was all bars and clubs had to shut at midnight. This was like the pubs in the UK shutting at 10 – not such a great idea at all! Will a young, tipsy tourist go home gracefully like Cinderella. Or will they go to the shops, buy as much booze as they can carry and continue the party on the beach..

Yep, you guessed it, everyone just went to the beach.

Hundreds of young people on the beach was a disaster, some horrible people (refuse to believe the majority could be this careless) left all their bottles and cans behind which caused a lot of upset and the tawdry scenes played out all over Greek TV. We really hope they don’t implement a curfew in Laganas this Summer as with more people in the resort it could get really messy.


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So that was 2020 what about this Summer?

Of course now in 2021 we have vaccines and tests and advanced therapeutics and everyone knows a lot more about Covid. The fear factor has now definitely gone. If everyone who comes in to Zante is either vaccinated or provides a negative test the hope is that in 2021 the restrictions in Zante will be relaxed. If all the Greek residents of Zante are vaccinated as well then if that’s not enough to allow young people to dance and socialise in clubs again then the question is – when will be the time? Or are nightlife resorts like Laganas doomed forever?

Especially if after June 21st the UK is back to normal with nightclubs, events, sports and festivals happening all over the country. What then would be the point of anyone going to Zante if they had to wear masks and social distance and weren’t allowed to dance in clubs? Also, what would be the point of trying to social distance people, who had not been social distancing in their home country?



If Greece opens for tourism, which they have indicated they will, then the pent up demand is going to be HUGE. Resorts like Laganas will be packed. If the venues are restricted to limited capacity, then thousands of people will be out on the streets trying to get in.
And if you know Laganas like we do, then you know people on the streets is never a good situation! Far better they are inside, in controlled, licensed premises with security. However, all of this is of course up to the powers that be in Zante, so we are optimistic but at the moment – nothing is set in stone.


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Cocktails & Dreams Laganas

So these are scenarios for Zante Summer 2021..

The Best Case Scenario

Laganas is back to it’s fantastic best, Covid is forgotten and jubilant scenes of socialising and partying prevail for a long, busy Summer. England win the Euro’s on pens and the whole resort is an absolute nuthouse – just how we like it.

Not A Bad Scenario

Sensible restrictions like limiting the amount of people in clubs to avoid overcrowding are in place but no curfews or restrictions on dancing. As the Summer goes on, with the local population vaccinated and no Covid outbreaks everything gets more relaxed.

The Worst Case Scenario

It’s like Summer 2020 but on steroids as the resort is 5 times as busy. The restrictions only serve to cause chaos and stress and people decide better to go somewhere else or stay in the UK . Maybe Zante gets put in the red zone by the UK , causing scenes like The Fall of Saigon at Zakynthos airport as everyone tries to escape. The Greeks realise it’s probably best to just bulldoze Laganas and replace it with a theme park or something.

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What about Events 

We hope the club events which Laganas is famous for will be back on. Night Clubs are a big reason young people flock to Laganas. If clubbing and dancing is allowed in the UK and thousands of people from the UK are flying in, then hopefully the powers that be in Zante will allow it. Trying to enforce social distancing is going to be simply impossible (in our opinion) and pretty much futile. If they close the clubs then as we saw last year everyone will just go to the beach. Trying to stop this would be like trying to stop the wind.

If Laganas is going to open to young tourists from the UK, all of whom are either immune, vaccinated or certified negative when they arrive and who, as we all know, are unlikely to have anything other than mild symptoms from Covid, then surely there is no point trying to stop dancing and people talking to other people in the same nightclub! As Bojo said this week, we need to learn to live with Covid and accept the risks.

Our contacts who run events in Laganas have told us they have contingency plans in place to move their club events to outside venues and dance the merry dance of table service, mask wearing and social distancing if required by the Greek authorities, but they are hopeful the proverbial lid is allowed to come off and things will be at least close to normal.

We will know more as the Summer plays out of course.

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What about Boat Party’s

Fundamentally banning boat trips around a Greek island is a bit of a head scratcher – how can they do that? There may be a clampdown on party’s on boats, for example no DJ’s or dancing, however again, the optimistic mood is that as they are open air, then they should be OK.

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Charlie Denton
Nightlife Editor

Hi my names Charlie, my parents have a house in Zante so I have been lucky enough to spend many summers on the island. Email me any questions you have about this Summer!