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Zante Tips and Event Calender

Find out what’s hot and what’s not in Zante 2019. Including details of event line up’s as they are announced, the new hotspots opening up, the restaurants where you can actually get your knife though your steak, and of course more Naked Zante style top tips and advice. Our mission if for you to come home in one piece, spend your money wisely and have the time of your life. Naked Zante have TONS of bar and club owners who wish to send you some promotional offers including free entry, free laughing gas, and all sorts of deals on drinks and food, so enter your email address below. Don’t worry we won’t spam you, you can unsubscribe at any time if we bore you, which of course we won’t : )

Read these month by month guides if you are planning to visit the island in Summer 2019.

May in Zante

Mmmm, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is not much on. Early May in particular the resort is very quiet, with only a few bars open and none of the big clubs. You can still have fun and the weather is usually pleasant but the sea and the swimming pools will be cold. Lot’s of Zante workers show up in May so there will be plenty of people in whichever bars at night are open.

Zante Events in May

The Ultimate Party will be on every Thursday, featuring a Wet T-Shirt competition and 3 hours of drinking included. This is the island’s longest running party and well worth a look.

The opening VVIP Yacht Party is usually the last Saturday night in May and is well worth getting a ticket for , read all about it and reserve tickets here, they are cheaper online.  Zante Boat Party Reviews

June in Zante

Well done. Pat yourself on the back you have smashed it. June is the best time to visit Zante for sure, it’s not too hot, not too busy, the resort is fresh and so are the workers and there is a general air of Summer joy prevailing. The sea is nice and warm and basically all is right with the world. We love June in Zante, loads of UK students, Scandinavian visitors (yes fellas that means Swedish girls) and the party resort is now open proper and Summer gets into full swing.

Oh and it’s opening party time as well, so you can now go to The White Party which is every Sunday, Pure Beach Club every Tuesday and the Foam and Paint Party’s.

zante events 2019


July is when 50% of visitors will be in Zante so every Hotel and apartment block is full up and the streets are heaving. Scores of ticket sellers will be on the streets offering their events out and you will be spoilt for choice for what to do. The weather will be scorchio, the beach will be rammed and it will be utter mayhem on the Laganas Strip from 10pm to 7am. Hold on tight you are in for a crazy week or two. Touts will now be selling event tickets at inflated prices, particularly if there is a famous DJ in town so smart move to book up some events before you leave if you visit in July, so you can politely tell them ‘No thank you’


zante events calender

August in Zante

There’s no wonder that at the end of this month, the Zante worker community attend party’s called (Fu** Off August). August is when things go downhill a bit. The workers may have run out of patience, it hasn’t rained for 3 months so the streets are encrusted with….well…you can imagine. Prices go up for accommodation as tourists from Israel, Serbia and Italy now enter the melting pot of madness that is the Laganas Strip. Generally, tourists from these countries prefer not to pay for drinks in bars and clubs, they are usually on a very low budget, so buy beers from Supermarkets and wander up and down the road. As cultures collide it’s not uncommon for fights to break out and basically August in Zante is hot and hectic and the workers in the resort are tired, however, don’t worry there is still plenty of fun to be had! All the big events will still be running and by now all of the small, pop up events we have warned you about will be out of business.

zante events calender

September in Zante

September is basically amazing, the closing party’s for the big events like Pure, VVIP Yacht Party and The White Party take place during the first two weeks, the weather is lovely and it’s nice and tranquil. September is a great time to visit Zante.

Monday – Zante Paint Party

Tuesday  – Pure Pool Bar

Wednesday – Going Bananas daytime booze cruise

Thursday – The Ultimate Party

Friday – Nathan Dawe at Plus Club

Saturday – VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, Dancing in Colours

Sunday – The White Party, Karnage Pub Crawl

For further reading about Zante events by month check out these guides below.

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zante events calender