What’s the weather like in Zante is a question we receive about 5 times a day so here is the answer.
If you visit Zante anytime between the middle of May up to the end of September, you can expect to experience a lot of glorious sunshine.
If your very unlucky, there may be a few clouds for a couple of days, even a bit of a rain, but you have to hit very long odds, particularly in June, July or August. Basically, if hot, sunny weather is what you seek then you are guaranteed to find it in Zante on your holiday.
The best time to visit Zante in our very educated opinion is mid to late June when the resort is fresh and it’s not too hot, or expensive for flights and hotels. In August it is absolutely scorching and the resort is full of other nationalities – Serbians, Italians, Israelis who drive up the prices. Also, the resort is full of lads in August. Lad’s if you’re reading this, book late June to the end of July and don’t all come in August!!


The Zante weather however, can really ruin your holiday. Take that statement as Gospel. Venture out in the midday sun unprotected at your peril, even the most tanned amongst you will get burned and the fair skinned don’t stand a chance. Sun-burn and heat stroke are serious afflictions when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself and sun burn also makes you look REALLY stupid. People will point and laugh at your. So PLEASE don’t over-do it in the Sun until you have got used to it.
One top tip is to be careful what boat party you book onboard, as the locally run ‘booze cruises’ go out at 11am in the morning. So firstly, you’re certainly going to be hungover, or possibly still drinking somewhere, or maybe still making your way home from a night of spooning, or even perhaps lying comatose in a bush somewhere. Lot’s of people book the early boat parties and then never show up.
Secondly, if you do make it, you’re going to be really exposed in the midday sun with no shade and you are basically going to fry – we would suggest booking a sunset cruise if you are interested in a boat party.