Of course Covid 19 has absolutely wrecked the once thriving and amazing Zante events industry. For Summer 2021 indoor club events are off the table at the moment, however, outdoor events are OK. Check out A-List 2021 packages organised by VVIP Zante which have been adapted for this Summer – A-List Package 2021

There’s at least 40 events you can buy online for Zante 2021 ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

You want to get tickets for the former!

Buying events in Zante is a bit of a minefield so here we help you through with our pick of established, reputable events that have been running for years and are pretty much guaranteed to be awesome

Do your research before you book anything online to see if the events check out. You can get the biggest budget DJ Line-up for 2021 at The White Party + the best boat party + some sick club nights for less than £100 if you play your cards right – check it out here.

VVIP Zante ripped up the taccy, day-time booze cruise format when they launched their sunset cruise in 2013 focusing on quality music and premium alcohol.

Still the most requested event ticket on the island here’s why VVIP Yacht Party is the boat you don’t want to miss in Zante.

Enjoy Summer festival vibes at the biggest show in Zante every Sunday at The White Party.

Check out our guides to working in Zante, how to do it, what jobs are available and snap up one of our apartments if you fancy 28 Days Naked in Zante 2021!