Zante Boat Party

The VVIP Yacht Party is simply in a different league and widely regarded as the best boat party in Europe

Zante Boat Party

A banging Zante boat party is a holiday essential.

You have a few options if you want to enjoy a boat party in Zante 2024 so read on to find out what’s best for you.

zante boat party


One option is to book a ‘booze cruise’ from your hotel reps when you arrive. The rep organised booze cruise takes you to St Nicholas beach where you can do water sports, however, they don’t tell you the Greek’s don’t like anyone being drunk before they do water sports (for obvious reasons), so the bar is only open on the return part of the trip.

There will be games like blowing up condoms on your head and other silly stuff. This is an option if you don’t like the idea of partying on a boat and just wish to enjoy the scenery by day.


The VVIP Yacht Party has been the hottest ticket in Zante for many years and the demand alone tells you VVIP must be doing something right as this event is always sold out, often weeks in advance.

One big reason is their stunning venue - a triple deck Super Yacht that is 150 foot long and can accommodate a whopping 575 people!

However, VVIP cap it at 400 so there's room to move around and PARTY!


VVIP don’t do the free bar rubbish which is quite refreshing. They do have a gorgeous squad of girlies prowling the boat armed with Ciroc vodka guns and champagne bubbly blasters. which helps to amp up the atmosphere.

They have 2 discounted bars onboard where drinks are €2.50 and they use Smirnoff as their house vodka.

VVIP’s venue is fitted with a state of the art sound system as they book big DJ’s and artists which makes a big difference to the experience compared to the smaller booze cruises.


Although VVIP don’t advertise as a ‘celebrity’ boat party it’s clear some famous faces have been onboard looking at their Hall of Fame gallery.

Big Tobz (pictured), Headie One, Joel Corry, Tom Zanetti, Notes and England star Kieran Trippier have all been spotted partying onboard.

We’ve followed VVIP on social media for years and have seen nothing but good reviews, the basic consensus is VVIP is the best event in Zante, plus the photo’s and videos always look amazing, check their instagram out @vvipeventszante


VVIP are well established with 10 years of success and a great reputation, they were the only event company who refunded people in 2020 and 2021 when Covid hit, this cost them tens of thousands of pounds but their reputation as the top event company in Zante stayed intact.

With the best venue for a boat party, great reviews and with a great reputation this is the boat party you should aim to get tickets for in Zante. Anything else is second best. Check out VVIP reviews here

Check out VVIP in the A-List Zante Events Package here

So, that’s the Naked Zante guide to your options for a boat party when you visit, whatever you choose, make sure you don’t overdo it on the booze and fall off the boat!

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