Don't be a Mug

It’s a dog eat dog world in Zante and if you don’t take our advice you’re a 3 legged Chihuahua.

Don't be a Mug

Research your hotel on Trip Advisor and you’ll see warning you about buying tickets from reps at the ‘welcome meeting’ aka THE SALES MEETING.

The reps will insist you need to buy tickets NOW and are trained to put pressure on - they know as soon as you leave your hotel you can buy the same events they offer a lot cheaper.

Our Rep barged in our room demanding €280 each! Some of us only had €350 for the week but he insisted we wouldn’t need any more money due to the free bars, however, as we explain below, there’s no such thing as a free bar – it’s the oldest trick in the book.


Tour operators rely on their Reps selling you events so they can get away with paying them peanuts, while YOU essentially pay their wages in huge commissions. The reps primary purpose is not to look after you – it’s to take your spending money!

It’s an epic fail to hand over €280 as soon as you arrive to your Hotel rep and barely anyone does it anymore, why would you when you can get a package of epic events with headline DJ’s for €120 online?


None of the big events in Zante like The White Party, Nathan Dawe, Joel Corry or VVIP Yacht Party are available from Hotel reps which makes buying their package even more of a disaster! 

95% of people now reserve events online, saving loads in commission.

When you book online make sure it’s a reputable company. Our tip is VVIP Zante who run the A-List Event packages, they were the only company who offered refunds in 2020/21 when Covid hit.

Check out Zante Event Packages 2024 here

Tik Tok Cold Callers

Don’t believe everything you hear on TikTok! There's accounts that are good at memes and getting people to embarrass themselves being interviewed in Zante, but understand - the sole reason for doing this is to sell events off the back of it.

If you mention Zante or tag a friend they will 'cold call' you and ask you to dm them.

Don't feel special!

They do this to thousands of people, hoping to catch one or two gullible fish. These sellers are on commission and will say ANYTHING to get you to book their events.

The reality is these events are at second rate venues, with no headline artists and are basically a load of hot air.


Have a look on Insta and Youtube and Google. See what's on and what YOU like the look of. Do Obeach Ibiza have online sellers searching for people who've mentioned Ibiza in a comment and then sliming on them to book a bed?

No, they don't need to, as they're a big brand and always busy.

So it's a red flag if you're on the receiving end of pushy sales tactics, it's always new operators doing this trying to break into the market.

Remember - your event package will make or break your Zante holiday so choose wisely.


Memorise this. There is no such thing as a FREE BAR!

It's a gimmick used by second rate events to get your money off you. The 1 hour free bar on one of the booze cruises is a notorious piss take.

Firstly, when you get onboard you find out it's the last hour of the cruise. The you find out it's €10 a beer or small cocktail and it's 40 degree heat.

Then at the end you discover it's a shared bucket of unknown crap which you get to dip your plastic cup in.

The most you will get is a sugar rush, their not going to put anything decent in the concoction - they've got your money and won't see you again.


There are no official Zante social media groups of pages or Whatsapp chats. It's a sales technique used to make the people behind it look legit so they can sell you stuff.

The only official entity in Zante is The Mayor!

Again, this is RED FLAG behaviour. It immediately tells you that they're full of sh** and when you get on the receiving end of the sales tactics that follow you will probably realise this. They're going to throw everything at you to get your money, free drinks, discounts etc etc, free VIP etc.


Ask yourself this. If you were the owner of a door or a window and a drunk person smashed it in, would you be happy to pay for its repair? No, you would not. And neither are the Greek’s whose property you are staying in. 

If you break anything, expect to pay for it, and expect to pay through the nose for it.

So many idiots smash in hotel doors when drunk, then complain when they get charged 200 euros to fix it.

Do the crime – you will pay the fine.


This also applies to renting quad bikes – damage them and you will pay. You might even pay if YOU DON'T damage them. Some of the people who rent these dangerous machines are literally horrible c****s who prey on naive tourists.

You've scratched it, give me 200 euro or I call the police etc etc.

Ok, now you know how not get ripped off and avoid injury and death in Zante it’s time check out the good stuff so let’s start with the PARTY’S!  Find out the best events in Laganas here.

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