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Our advice is to stick with established, reputable events that have a track record of success in Zante.

Zante Party Packages 2024

If you’re visiting Zante Summer 2024 then you need to hit up some of the epic events the island is famous for!

Your mission is get tickets for the big events at the best price which is where a Zante Event Package can come in handy.

zante party packages


It's not your hotel it's your events package that will make the difference between an incredible holiday in Zante and one to forget.

In July 2023 you could have enjoyed Nathan Dawe at IKON on Friday with Aitch, Headie One on VVIP Yacht Party Saturday and Hannah Laing at The White Party on Sunday = epic.

The bad news is anyone can dream up events and hype on Tik-Tok and there’s usually at least 5 new ‘next big thing‘ packages promoted every year.

Pushy sales tactics are a big red flag. There are legions of commission based sellers on Tiktok now, sliding into your dm's and selling you a dream. They spend all day crawling Zante hashtags then spamming everyone with "hey drop us a DM and we will get you sorted".

Question - does Obeach Ibiza or Ushuai have sellers doing this?

A. No. Why?

They don't need to be pushy as people come to them as opposed to the online equivalent of cold callers.


The best option is to research what events are decent – use YouTube and instagram to see what you like the look of, then reserve tickets online and avoid paying commission in resort.

You're going to hear A LOT about the biggest and the best events in Zante with every promotor claiming they're the best option.

The Naked truth is The White Party is the biggest event on the island, by a distance with crowds of up to 4,000.

And the top selling event package in Zante is the A-List by VVIP Zante which includes The White Party, Nathan Dawe Tour, VVIP Yacht Party and other club nights with Joel Corry and Tom Zanetti. A-List Event Packages range from £65 to £135.

VVIP Zante have been operating for over 10 years in Zante, have a great reputation and are a good choice if you’re going to book online, saving you hassle and commission in resort.

Check out Summer 2024 Party Packages here


The reason the A-List is popular is it includes all the top events. It’s the only event package which includes The White Party and if you visit Zante - you’re going to The White Party, so add in the best boat party and some club nights then it’s a no brainer.

Your deposit is secured by Paypal and VVIP Zante are based in Zante with an office on the Strip, so they are accountable rather than just a TikTok account who will block you.

VVIP Zante were the only company in Zante who refunded deposits when holidays were cancelled 2020 due to Covid. They are the top choice when looking for events in Zante.

Check their website for offer’s for Summer 2024 – A-List Zante Event Packages.


Sometimes it’s impossible to organise your friends so you can wait until Zante and buy on the streets. Again, make sure you've actually heard of the event.

Street sales are big in Laganas so you just need to use your instinct that the seller is a decent person, the good news is no-one's going to rip you off, they wouldn’t get away with it for long.

You will pay extra as commission is added and of course there’s not much comeback if you buy from a random guy, they can promise you anything.

Also, you won’t get VIP tickets on the streets so if you want cabanas and VIP tables book online.


If you just can’t cope with the amount of TikTok accounts claiming to be official, or people adding you on Instagram just to sell you a booze cruise then don’t go to any events in Zante and just enjoy the clubs. If you don’t have much money this is of course a great option, however, you may only visit Zante once so you may as well make the most of it in our opinion.

If you get it right, like in the example week above, you have smashed it. Get it wrong and it will still probably be OK. You could of course just rent a pedalo for about 10 euro an hour, crack some beers open, put your Iphone speakers on and have a private party?

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