Zante Events 2024

Over 40 events are being hyped on social media, however there’s no more than 10 worth going to.

Zante's Best Events

90% of the events hyped on Tik Tok every year will never happen or will have no more than 50 people at.

Stick with the big event companies who are established and have good reputations is a sound bit of advice.

What are the best events in Zante 2024?

zante events 2024


If you only do one event in Zante make sure it's the VVIP Yacht Party - widely regarded as the best boat party in Europe! The reviews for this event on social speak volumes with everyone saying VVIP was their best night in Zante.

When we asked workers about the best event, VVIP was always the tip and we even had people at our hotel trying to buy our tickets as Nathan Dawe was DJ’ing.

No chance!


VVIP Zante have the best venue for a boat party in Zante which makes all the difference.

The 4 hour sunset cruise is hosted on a massive 150 foot long, 3-tier Super Yacht with two dance-floors, VIP booths and a huge sound system.

This event lived up to the hype and was our favourite night in Zante. We booked a table on the top deck and received 4 bottles of champagne when we got onboard, so by the time we set sail we were all tipsy.


As soon as the music came on it went off! Nathan Dawe played the first hour, plus there was a Sax man who was amazing and the VVIP staff were chucking Ciroc down everyone’s necks and firing it from super soakers.

Unlike other boat party’s we have done which took a while to get going, there was a big atmosphere from the start and it just got wilder. Absolutely loved this event and hope to do it again.

If you’re a large group email them as we got a free upgrade. Email:


Sunday nights in Zante are all about The White Party. Expect a great vibe & lots of eye candy with performance artists hyping the crowd – when the sun goes down things get crazy!

Hannah Wants, MK, Hannah Laing, Camelphat & Ben Hemsley were just a few of the big names who performed last Summer.

The cheapest price for The White Party is available in the popular A-List package by VVIP Zante. To find out who’s playing and to book a bed or cabana head to


For the ultimate clubbing experience get all over the Nathan Dawe Tour at IKON Club – this one goes OFF. MC Missin Lync gets the crowd pumped then the big man jumps on the decks and starts dropping bangers.

The 1,000 + crowd goes crazy, there’s a big production set with fire breathers etc and every event to date has seen huge demand with people queuing round the block to try to get in.

Previous years special guests have included Aitch, Young T and Bugsy and Headie 1 and our top tip is go VIP so you get a good view of the action.


The Ultimate Party is the longest running event in Zante, so basically it must be good! Many events in Zante only happen once or sometimes not even at all!

The Ultimate Party is a madness with a 3 hour open bar, games, Wet-T Shirt competition and a MC who gets the crowd going you can bank on this being a great night.

You won’t leave sober that’s for sure. You can buy these in resort and it’s also the ONLY party available early May and late September so perfect for a stag or hen do.


The cheapest way to get tickets for the big events in Zante is to reserve them online with a deposit before you go. This means you don't pay commission which is added by sellers in resort.

Book early for the best price and if you’re a large group don’t be afraid to ask for a cheeky discount.

For example, VVIP costs 65 euro in Zante and The White Party is €60 so 125 euro you would pay which is about £110. However, reserve the Essentials Package 2024 via A-List Zante you get them both a lot cheaper.


So madness not to book online, especially if you’re a large group. The money you save can be spent on drinks at the events. Also, most peak season VVIP sailings are sold out online so then you’re going to have to go on a booze cruise.

Our advice when booking any event is to check out it’s social pages and see if it has run before, all established events will have photo’s and videos on the gram.

Does it look like the sort of party you want to be at? Check out their refund policy, will you get your money back if it’s cancelled?

All in all doing a bit of research before you buy anything is a smart move.


VVIP Zante, who run the A-List event packages were the only company who had the decency to refund people who had booked tickets Summer 2020 and 2021, but had their holidays cancelled due to Covid.

Other event companies said tough luck and kept deposits, thereby profiting from the Covid disaster. They ignored emails and when people complained they just deleted the comments and blocked them.

These c**** still operate in Zante.

Whoever you choose to book events with this Summer, make sure you check their refund policy.

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