Zante Nightlife and Party Guide 2019

If you’re aged 18-30 and visiting the party resort of Laganas, Zante in 2019 for your summer holiday, then it’s likely you’re interested in the infamous nightlife and so you should be! In Zante by night you can party at scores of bars and nightclubs and experience some of the best events in Europe. By day, pool party’s are going off all over town and the beach clubs are thronged with sun lovers and party people. What could possibly go wrong? Well, not all that glitters is gold in Zante and paradise found can swiftly turn to Paradise lost. Every year in Zante people die or end up in hospital and it is usually totally avoidable.

Some of our top tips to avoid an expensive trip to the medical centre may seem obvious, however, if they prevent one idiot from diving in a pool head first and breaking their neck, then they’re worth reading. The gypsies will rob you if you’re not careful and the bouncers will batter you if you get mouthy. And if you think riding a quad bike around drunk is a good idea, you will learn the hard way it’s not when your head collides with concrete at speed – you will die.

However, Naked Zante is not all doom and gloom. We have received funding by the British government to make sure your holiday in Zante 2019 goes smoothly and to help you enjoy the best things to do on the island. (It costs them a bomb when you lose your passports or have to go home on a stretcher) Check out our guides to the best events and party’s to attend in Zante 2019 and also our reviews of the Zante nightlife – bars, clubs and restaurants.



There are ton’s of bars on the main Laganas Strip and surrounding roads in Zante, but you need to watch out for ones that offer silly deals – you’re not going to be on the receiving end of good quality alcohol, in fact, exactly the opposite. 10 euros for all you can drink for 5 hours – don’t expect Smirnoff Vodka! In fact don’t even expect vodka, you will be getting the home-made stuff and that’s no laughing matter.  Check out our favourite bars you should definitely pop in for a drink or three. Our favourite Zante bar crawl went like this…. Sugar, G-Spot, Plus, Cocktails and Dreams, Rescue Top Bar, Zero’s front bar, Zero’s club, Sin City, Voodoo, Waikik, Cherry Bay….not sure where we went after that! Discover Zante’s best bars 

The notorious Laganas Strip is easily one of the best places for nightlife in the whole of Europe and has some amazing nightclubs to enjoy. Perhaps best of all, unlike Ibiza you don’t have to pay through the nose to get on the dance floor! In peak season when the resort is rammed you might get stung for 5 euro, but you will usually get your first drink with that (it’s basically to stop peasants coming in, dancing round, annoying all the girls, and not spending any money).

The two super clubs of Rescue and Zero’s dominate the main Strip, then at the end of the night most people will end up at Waikiki or Cherry Bay, and then of course there is the madness of Cocktails and Dreams! See all Zante night clubs here

Rather than compete on quality, ambience and service, some of the restaurants in Laganas compete on price, simply undercutting the place next door, or offering 60% off the food menu. That’s the nature of the beast in a tourist resort, they know you’re probably never coming back so they just need to lure you in once.  We were even offered a free bar with our meal, uh really? Some of the more aggressive PR’s on the Kalamaki road are actually a bit annoying. The ‘Secret of Taste‘ PR is a middle aged Greek man and you would find it easier to get past fu**ing Gandalf! The good news is the food scene in Zante is improving every year with Smokey’s Burger bar opening up on on the beach and in 2018 Carpe Diem will be opening it’s doors on the main Laganas Strip so make sure you pop in there. And there are some great places where you can enjoy tasty Greek and international food  in Zante and it’s really good value so have a look here for our top tips. Or you can also do what we did which was live on 1 Euro Pizza slices and 2 Euro kebabs!