The nightlife in Zante is going to be INSANE Summer 2021 as the island bounces back from Covid.

Laganas, the Zante nightlife and party area is home to scores of bars & nightclubs – and early signs are it’s going to be rammed!

Party at beach clubs all day, dance into the sunset on Super Yachts then hit the clubs until dawn – sound like a plan?

Yeah – we thought so!

The first rule of Zante is make it home in one piece! Then learn about the tourists traps which can wreck your holiday.

There’s loads of cool bars on the Laganas Strip in Zante but watch out for crazy deals like 10 euro for a 5 hour free bar – it’s not going to be Smirnoff Vodka in the cocktails! In fact it’s not even vodka, you will be getting the home-made stuff and that NEVER ends well.

Check out the best bars in Zante you should pop in for a drink or three.

Our favourite Zante bar crawl went like this…. Sugar, G-Spot, Cocktails & Dreams, Rescue, Zero’s, Waikiki…. not sure where we went after that!

The Laganas Strip is one of the top places for nightlife in Europe with some amazing nightclubs and the good news is you don’t have to pay through the nose to get on the dance floor! In peak season when it’s heaving you might get stung for 5 euro, but you will usually get your first drink with that.

The two super clubs of Rescue and Zero’s dominate the main Strip, then at the end of the night most people will end up at Waikiki or Cherry Bay and then of course there’s the madness of Cocktails and Dreams..

There are world class events going off in Zante and if you’re smart you can get a decent events package for less than £100 if you book online.

In resort when commission is added expect to pay £200 – £300 so well worth doing some research and booking before you leave.

Zante is going to be heaving in 2021 and we hear VIP packages are flying out so if you want tables and pool side cabana’s get in quick!

There’s always one person in the group who’s birthday isn’t until late August.

Read this and make sure you are fully in the know before booking your holiday this year.

Live your best life on a gorgeous Greek island partying like a rockstar and making loads of new friends? Maybe you’re keen to find a job and spend the whole Summer on the island. Whatever the case a 28 days in Zante sounds like a bit of you.

Naked Zante have exclusive access to apartments that are simply perfect for your needs. Less than a 4 minute walk to the Laganas Strip, clean, secure and sharing with other people who will be in the same boat.

These are the best value rooms in Laganas, many with lovely views of the beach!

They won’t be around long that’s for sure.

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