Here we explain how to avoid disaster in Zante because expensive medical bills are a drag and getting scammed by Stavros and his 6 hour free bar is embarrassing.

These essential Zante guides will be of immense benefit if you’re new to Zante.

The Covid coaster continues to torture anyone who is hoping to visit Zante Summer 2021. As it stands (28/06/21) we are hopeful the UK will declare Zante GREEN next month! In which case there will be a literal stampede to the island! Check out A-List to see what events are still running – A-List 2021

First rule of Zante – make it back in one piece. The good news is that’s really simple and millions of people have managed it successfully.

You will too if you take 3 mins to read our tips for how not to die in Zante.

It’s a dog eat dog world in Zante and if you don’t take this advice onboard you’re a 3 legged Chihuahua.

Avoid getting blagged by a Facebook ticket seller or your hotel rep as soon as you arrive!

You’re only in Zante for a week or two so MAKE THE MOST OF IT! You need to get out exploring and experience as much of the island as you can.

These tips will significantly improve your holiday.

You do not need ID or have to worry at all if you’re 17! Anything goes in Zante so if you’re yet to turn 18 you don’t need to worry you will have no problem buying a cheeky shandy!

In May and September a hoodie might be an idea for the evenings but basically Zante is SCORCHING, it literally is blue skies all Summer.

You know that horrible feeling when your holiday is coming to an end? Naked Zante have a great solution to that problem – 28 day holidays! Ideal if you’re a student on a summer break or looking to spend the whole season and find work. Check out our essential guides to working in Zante and then get your apartment booked up.