When you arrive in Zante, obviously you’re going to go and out and get smashed for a week or so, thats standard, enjoy yourself! However, at some point if you’re serious about working for the whole summer you will need to find some form of gainful employment. Here’s how you should go about it.


Join Facebook groups that purport to offer jobs and keep your eyes peeled for adverts. Girls – if someone claiming to be a ‘Manager’ asks for nude pictures of you, you should probably decline, unless of course you are a whore. However, real opportunities do pop up and if you get in there quick you might strike it lucky. Research bars, clubs and event companies, find their social media accounts and pop them a polite introductory message.

A good example of an introductory message.


My name is INSERT FULL NAME, I am ** years old and will be in Zante from May to September this Summer. I was in your bar every night of my holiday last year and loved it. If you have any positions available, it would be great to hear from you. I have experience in sales, bar tending and waitressing. I consider myself bubbly, confident and a hard worker etc etc, something like that.

A Bad example.

Yo – u got any jobs going fam?

Ask friends or acquaintances if they have a contact they can give you, it’s not what you know remember it’s who you know!

After you have finished getting smashed in all conceivable ways after your first week or two in Zante, make the effort to go round and ASK for a job. If you are too early, they will keep saying – come back next week. So go back next week! Befriend the staff at your favourite bars and see if you can bag a job when it gets busier. You WILL find a paying job in Zante if you put the effort in and you’re not a complete cretin.

What jobs can you do in Zante?

Ticket Selling Jobs in Zante

Zante has a thriving event scene that rivals anywhere in Europe. Young people on their holidays want to experience boat and pool parties, foam parties etc. Your job is to give them what they want! If you can talk the talk, if you are self-motivated, if you are competitive and charming and many other things, then being a ticket seller is a great way to spend a Summer. You can make lots of money, or certainly enough to survive. You will no doubt be able to attend the events you are selling, and you will rarely work past 10pm so your nights are free. All the cool workers in Zante are ticket sellers so if you think your cool, try to wangle a job doing this. Try asking A-List Zante or PartyO Events who seem to run a lot of the popular events in Zante, if you can get on their resort team crew you have smashed it, all they seem to do is get drunk all Summer and go to all the party’s, there’s me making 2,000 cocktails a night breaking my back. A-List Zante Event and Party Packages

zante jobs

Zante Ticket Seller the legend Kieran who once famously drank his own vomit on TV in front of his mother.

Bar Work in Zante

It is what it is. You will serve drinks all night. Expect to earn anywhere from 25 – 60 euro per night depending on your skill and the venue. Apply direct to a few of the bars and clubs via their social media, if you have experience you could certainly find a job for the Summer.

zante worker bar girl


PR Jobs in Zante

Your job will be to use you dazzling good looks, approachability, banter and sheer force of character to get people into your bar. Some people have a knack for it, others don’t. If you’re a shrinking violet, this is not the job for you. Expect to earn nothing, yes thats right nothing, maybe a couple of cocktails, or you could earn up to 30 maybe even 40 euro if your the don magic wan. Beware of the weeks trial con and try to negotiate a nightly wage as one or two disreputable bars will get their PR’ing covered for a few weeks completely free by putting you on trial then giving you the Alan Sugar treatment the day before payday.


Everyone knows what waitressing involves. say hi, give menu’s, take order, bring food etc. There are jobs to be found, but not many, however, if you get one then you will probably be a keeper. Try Chevy’s American Diner, Must Sports Bar or maybe get in there quick at the new Carpe Diem restaurant.

Naked Zante Top Tip for Zante Workers

Whether you get a job or not in Zante, don’t make the cardinal sin of asking a bartender who you don’t know for a ‘workers price’ in order to try to get a cheap drink. The Zante ‘family’ of workers really don’t like this. There is however a well known code which will get you a workers price 9 times out of 10. Hold your two thumbs together, point index fingers out and keep remaining 3 fingers closed so you are making a W’ then drop the bar person a wink when you order and they will always knock a euro or two off ; )