Here’s all the good stuff you need to know about Zante – the best bars, the craziest nightclubs, which events are worth doing, event packages 2023 and our guide to The Laganas Strip.

Zante is basically one never ending bar crawl. If you only remember one tip from Naked Zante let it be this one. Make sure you stock your fridge with water for the first morning after or you will literally DIE!

Clubbers guide to Zante! You’re going to love the nightclubs in Laganas, unless there’s an event on you can usually get in for free or the most you will pay is 5 euro.

Over 40 events are being hyped and pushed on social media, however there’s no more than 6 that are worth buying a ticket for.

90% of the events that pop up on instagram every year will never even happen or will have no more than 20 people at. Stick with the big event companies who are established and have good reputations is a sound bit of advice.

This is where it’s at in Zante if you’re looking to party and we absolutely LOVE IT!

Laganas is an unreal night out and 2023 is going to be insane. Here’s what you need to know.

Our advice is to stick with established, reputable events that have a track record of success in Zante.

Buying a package of new events that have never happened before, dreamed up by some joker from Magaluf is a recipe for disaster!

Getting tickets for the right events will significantly improve your holiday. Check out our guides to the best events and event packages in Zante.