Laganas Clubbing Guide – Top Night Clubs to Visit

Cherry Bay Beach Club

This is a true icon of Zante and definitely a club you do not want to miss. You actually couldn’t if you tried as there’s a relentless flow of very drunk people making their way to the venue every night. We always ended up here somehow and before we went out we agreed if anyone got lost that we would meet in Cherry Bay. You will find yourself dancing on the bar to 80’s songs and anthems, the DJ is amazing and really gets the crowd involved, there’s a guy with a toilet paper gun, it was always packed, everyone’s smashed and snogging each other, all in all an absolutely brilliant holiday atmosphere. Oh, and it’s got a Speedboat you can dance in! Cherry Cherry Cherry F****** Bay!

Waikiki NIght Club

Very popular with the workers after they had finished their shifts, this felt like more of a swanky club you would find in London. Waikiki is a penthouse club at the bottom of the Strip and opens late, usually about 1am. They never charged us for entry, although some lads we met got stung 5 euro a couple of times, however, they did get a drink with that so it’s basically a cover charge to stop people coming in and not spending any money which makes sense. With a strong prevalence towards R n B music and Hip Hop, this was our favourite club for dancing as we did get a bit tired of commercial music and cheese after a while and it was also very popular with the Zante workers who we got to recognise towards the end of our holiday.

We somehow got a 4 hour free bar here one night, I’m not sure why, all I do know is that it was my drunkest night in Zante and apparently I was snogging another girl! Whoops.

Zero’s Night Club

Zero’s is one of the Super Clubs in Zante which can hold over 1,000+ people and therefore is home to some of the main events on the island like the Foam Party and the Rain Party (they basically turn the fire sprinklers on, which was actually really nice as it cooled us off) We went in Zero’s every night mostly because the bar staff were amazing and used to give us loads of free shots, and also the music in the Club was really good, probably our favourite DJ in Zante. This is definitely one of the top clubs in Zante and you won’t be able to miss it as it is right in the centre of the main Laganas Strip.

Rescue Nightclub

Zante’s Super Club this place is absolutely huge! Also home to some of the Zante club events this is a night club that you basically can’t miss when you have a night out on the Laganas Strip. Rescue don’t charge an entrance fee so you can expect an international crowd of people on the main dance floor and the atmosphere was brilliant, we lost a couple of hours every night raving on the stage in this club. Home of Zante Live you can expect Radio 1 DJ’s and other well known acts to be playing here, we saw Lethal Bizzle and thoroughly enjoyed shouting POW repeatedly. Also, check out the hidden gem which is Rescue Top Bar which is an oasis of tranquility above the madness of the Laganas Strip, drinks are expensive but quality and it’s a really lovely place to chill for a bit.

Plus Club

We popped in Plus every night of our holiday as it’s one of the first big venues on the main Laganas Strip and was always heaving and also Tiffany had a crush on the barman. We always ended up dancing on the bar after a few drinks which was hilarious and the cocktails were always really nice which made a change. Plus Club is also home of the Nathan Dawe Tour which is every Friday and was one of our favourite nights out in Zante although can’t remember too much about it really. We got VIP tickets which meant we were up on the balcony which we were very thankful for when we saw the mosh-pit below! Top tip has to be get a bottle of Absolut which was 50 euro and saved us having to do down the bar!

Cocktails & Dreams

You need to experience this venue when you are in Zante – it is absolute MAYHEM with girls dancing on the bar in their underwear, crazy amounts of lights and lasers and even though the DJ changes the song every 20 seconds, somehow it works. They serve great cocktails in this place not like the usual garbage and all the barmen are Greek and FIT, we had loads of fun in here. Have never been in a nightclub like this before it really was a crazy place and was one of the highlights of our holiday in Zante.