Zante Event Packages & Party reviews

What are the best events and excursions to experience when you’re in Zante? Should you reserve an events package online?  Is it wise to risk the health consequences of a ‘free bar‘? Naked Zante undertook the hard task of attending every event, party and excursion in Zante 2018 to find out. Firstly, stick with established companies who are BASED in Zante and who have at least a couple of years of experience running events and you will be OK. You can’t go wrong with the big events really they have reputations to uphold which their business relies upon. Thousands of people visiting Zante now reserve their events online as they are always cheaper than resort where commission is added and also demand for the popular events is very strong.

Naked Zante’s Top Events to Attend in Zante

Every year in Zante new events are dreamed up and so far 2019 is no different. Our favourite has to be “Zante’s Newest Event…with 10 years experience!’ They’re claiming to have been a success for 10 years, but the ‘event’ in question has never taken place?

So stick to the big events, with a good track record of success and watch out for dangled carrot’s like ‘huge celebrities‘ and ‘free bars’. David Beckham is NOT going to be on your booze cruise in Zante and there is NO SUCH THING as a free bar! However, there is such a thing as blindness and irreparably damaged vital organs. Below are the best events in Zante as rated by holiday makers and you can save quite a bit of money if you reserve pre-season rather than buy in resort.

VVIP Sunset Yacht Party by VVIP Events Zante

If you only do one event in Zante then make sure the VVIP Yacht Party is the one you choose, it’s the best boat party on the island by a distance. The reviews for this event all across social media and Trip Advisor speak volumes with everyone saying the party was the best night of their holiday. Party Hard Travel members have voted the event the No 1 Boat Party in Europe for the last two Summers so clearly something special is going on.

When we asked workers in Zante about the best events to attend VVIP was always the recommendation and we even had people at our hotel trying to buy our tickets from us as Not3s was performing onboard. No chance!

VVIP Events make it very clear that their boat party is NOT your average booze cruise, and that they don’t play sex games or any games whatsoever, focusing instead upon quality music and alcohol. For once an event lived up to the hype and this was easily our favourite night in Zante. We had booked a table upstairs and received free laughing gas and 4 bottles of champagne as well as a cocktail of something when we got onboard, so by the time we set sail we were all tipsy. The boat was really nice with plenty of room over the 3 decks even with 300 people onboard. The scenery was the best bit for me, it was absolutely amazing, especially at Sunset.

As soon as the music came on when we left the harbour everyone pretty much went crazy. We had Nathan Dawe play the first hour and then DJ Target played the Sunset and there was also a Saxaphone man (who Georgia pulled). We stopped at a private beach and splashed about listening to reggae for 45 minutes or so which was really fun and over the course of the evening the VVIP staff were chucking flavoured vodka down everyone’s necks and firing it from super soakers. Unlike other events we did and boat party’s we have done in Magaluf and Ibiza which took a while to get going, there was a really good party atmosphere from start to finish which is why it get’s our vote as it was worth the money. There were two lads next to our table who were apparently celebs, I didn’t know them but they were really nice and kept buying us balloons so we were all smashed by the time it finished. All in all, VVIP was a great experience and would highly recommend. Zoe reserved our tickets at www.vvipeventszante.comFor special occasions you can email their office directly, the lady is really helpful

The Danny T Paint Party

This is one hell of a messy evening and a great night out in Zante. You certainly don’t want to wear your best clothes, in fact lot’s of girls just party in their bikini’s. This event is always packed out and the atmosphere was great when we attended with the DJ Danny T whipping up the crowd before unleashing the paint guns on us. There was a massive sound system pumping out big tunes and we had all got trashed in our hotel before we came, the whole night was just one big pile of messiness. We purchased our tickets from our rep for 50 euro which was nothing short of scandalous!! Buy your paint party tickets in resort from outside the club or online and avoid paying commission at shops and to your reps. You can book the Paint Party here. 

The White Party by PartyO Events – Sunday Evenings 6pm til late

Sunday Evenings 6pm til late

When you’re in Zante, Sunday’s are definitely not about roast dinners and relaxing in front of the TV. No, you need to get your best white garms on and head to the biggest show in town! The White Party is a Zante institution and for very good reason. Every Sunday evening for the last 12 years Partyo Events have been throwing the biggest party on the island as 1,000 party people all dressed in white head to the resorts most exclusive venues for a night to remember. Expect a great vibe and lots of eye candy as you experience mesmerising performance artists and entertainers who fly in every week to hype the crowd and light up the atmosphere of a beautiful Greek evening. As the sun goes down, the bongos and the trumpets start up and things start to get ….wild! Fire cannons start going off, very decent music kicks in.

This is simply a must do event if your visiting Zante and you should be VERY wary of cheap imitations – this is the real deal. 10 years of success says it all, you have to be practically bulletproof to stay top of the events game in Zante for that long.

PartyO recommend booking online if you arrive on a 

Nathan Dawe Zante Tour

Friday night is always the biggest night of the week and in Zante that is no exception. For the ultimate clubbing experience then get all over the Nathan Dawe Tour, this one goes OFF.

Mobo award winning MC Missin Lync gets the crowd pumped then the big man himself jumps on the decks and starts dropping bangers. The 800+ crowd goes crazy, there’s a big production set with fire breathers etc and every event to date has seen rampant demand with people queuing round the block to try to get in on the door. You will definitely need to reserve tickets for this, they are currently £25 on Fatsoma or £35 for VIP tickets on the balcony.
Also available in the A-List Zante 2019 package which is most popular event package in Zante this Summer according to our sources.

The Ultimate Party by PartyO

The Ultimate Party is the longest running event in Zante, so basically it must be good to survive so long. Many events in Zante only happen once or sometimes not even at all! We have seen a few new ones dreamed up for Zante 2019 that are 100% never going to happen! The Ultimate Party is a madness. A 3 hour open bar, games, Wet-T Shirt competition, live MC and excellent DJ you can always bank on this being a great night. You won’t leave sober that’s for sure. You can buy these in resort and it’s also the ONLY party available early may and late September, perfect for a stag or hen do. Get in touch with PartyO Events to reserve them.