So, by now you should know how not to die, injure yourself or get ripped off in Zante – what’s the good news? Well, there is  LOADS of fun to be had in Zante, and it doesn’t all happen by night; there some awesome daytime excursions and activities that you really need to get involved with. Most of you will be in Zante for 6 full days so be sure to make the most of it! So many people on an 18-30 holiday don’t even leave Laganas – what a waste!

Firstly, you need to know that Zante has some of the best beaches on the planet including the iconic and truly wonderful Shipwreck beach. Shipwreck is a lovely day out – you can get some awesome photo’s, the water is the clearest blue you will ever experience and it’s lovely just to soak up and relish the natural beauty of the world. Also, you can swim and dive with beautiful turtles right off Laganas beach, they are literally swimming around 20 feet from the shore. Take a pedalo out which is a great way to tan your legs ladies, or how about hiring a private speedboat for the afternoon which will only cost you about £10 per person and you will have an absolute ball.

Here are Naked Zante’s Top Tips and our guide for the best things to do in Zante – please make sure you share them so you don’t have to persuade your friends to leave the pool!!

Naked Zante’s Top Tips


for the best things to do on the beautiful island of Zante in 2018!

Go to the beach!

Your swimming pool is man made, full of chlorine, snot and wee and will probably not be very peaceful. The Bay of Laganas is the 3rd largest in the whole of Greece and is absolutely beautiful; with careful sun bed selection you can experience serenity at it’s finest. Now, we know some people are a bit scared of the sea, but you don’t have to be in Laganas. The water is always as calm as a lake, as warm as a bath and you can wade out for ages without being out of your depth, it literally couldn’t be safer. There are no sharks or jellyfish or anything that can sting you, it really is simply perfect and one of the reasons Zante is such a great place to visit.

As we mentioned above from June to September you will be able to see and swim with incredible Turtles who have been breeding in the bay for millennia. They look so wise and prehistoric – it’s really lovely to swim with them. So, pack your beach bag, slap the sunscreen on and get to the beach. Hire a pedalo, have an ice cream, play volleyball – this is one of the most lovely places to swim on the planet.

Take a day out to St Nicholas Beach for Water-Sports

Water Sports are not allowed in Laganas due to the turtles which is a good thing. There’s a time and a place for it and the place is St Nicks beach which is about 30 minutes by coach or taxi from Laganas. This is seriously good fun and a brilliant way to spend a day with your friends. You will scream, laugh and some of you will probably cry! The Crazy Sofa is terrifying, the Ringo’s are basically dangerous and the Flying Fish is not even funny. It’s basically a giant airbed that takes off.  You can get a free transfer to this beach and discounts off the activities if you book events with VVIP, PartyO or A-List Zante which saves you at least 30 euro so well worth considering.If you book the popular VVIP Yacht Party they will give you a discount wristband which saves you some money on the activities and gives you a free transfer which we reckon saved us about 30 euro each and also the boat party alone was very good so this has to be a top tip. Find out more about the VVIP Zante Boat Party and discount wristband here

Go exploring Zante via car, moped, jeep or quad bike

Our top tip for a cheeky day out is to Porto Rossa, about a 30 minute drive from Laganas.  It’s nice to explore wherever you visit and this excursion won’t cost you much at all but will provide lots of thrills. Dodging goats and chickens on windy, mountainous Greek roads is truly life affirming and then finding paradise, literally paradise at the end of your journey is very rewarding. Grab a cold beer, munch some Greek BBQ and watch people leap off the diving platform into the most exquisitely clear sea that you will find ANYWHERE on this blue Earth. It’s about 20 foot and looks easy when you watch, but when it’s your turn you will feel the fear. However, it’s perfectly safe and you will feel AWESOME when you do it.

Hire a private speedboat and visit Marathonisi

aka Turtle Island. Boys chat up some girls and invite them out for the day. Girls get your bikini tops off and then grab some beers, Bacardi Breezers, Pringles, champers and anything else you fancy  and enjoy a great day out. Meander around in the Bay and enjoy the beautiful scenery, be sure to designate a turtle spotter as you will SEE one or two if you keep your eyes peeled. Then head over to Turtle Island (you will figure out how it got it’s name on the way) There are two beautiful beaches to lounge on, a secret cave to explore and the intrepid and brave amongst you can scale the cliffs and leap off. Perfectly safe providing you use your common sense and check the depth of the water below. Our Top Tip – listen carefully to the instructions of how to start the boat, and bring a mobile in case you can’t start it up again and get stranded, although some kind soul will usually help you.

See if you can party like a Zante worker with a weekend to remember,

In July 2017 in Zante you can start the weekend with a bang and enjoy Nathan Dawe at Plus Club on Friday night. Then it’s time for the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party on Saturday, which finishes about 10pm. Grab some chicken, and if you’re hardcore freshen up and hit the clubs on the Laganas Strip. Waikiki and Cherry Bay close at 6pm on the weekend – can you last the distance? If so enjoy a gorgeous pink sunrise over the Bay of Laganas and maybe have a paddle in the sea (remember the tip about not leaving your belongings unattended) OK, now it’s Sunday so get a bit of recovery in and catch some rays as you will want to show off your tanned limbs at the White Party. With world class DJ’s flying in every week and a massive production set, this is THE main event in Zante. Then Monday it’s time to dig deep and hit the notorious Zante Paint Party where you can expect to get VERY messy indeed! You can book all these events and more commission free via A-List Zante. Save money and get the best events on the island, seems like a no brainer really. A-List Zante event packages.

Go to ……….Waterpark

This is a great day out and also a great way to catch a tan. It’s about 30 minutes from Laganas, and you can book it from any shop on the Strip of which there are loads. Expect to pay 20 – 25 euro with the transfer. Make sure you try out the Go-Carts while you are there as they are really good. Top tip – bring your own food or have a big breakfast before hand, the food there is expensive and not the best.


Greece is the birthplace of civilisation and one of the most ancient cultures in the world and when you visit you will find out what makes it so special. When you get it  – when you ‘Go Greek’ and really relax – you may find yourself never wanting to leave. Get down the beach about 5pm when the heat of the day has gone, look out over the sea and forget about the crap on your phone and the petty worries of your day to day life. Zante is a truly wonderful place and who knows you might enjoy the beautiful scenery and the relaxed way of living in Zante so much that you might ‘get the bug’ and return year after year like the tens of thousands of people who have moved to the island to live out their days.