Escape the grim reality of your home town and enjoy glorious weather all Summer.
Make loads of new friends, party like a rockstar at beach and pool parties by day and spend your nights falling in and out of bars. Sound’s like fun doesn’t it?
Well, your absolutely right, working in Zante if you get it right will probably be the best decision you have made so far in your life.

However, there are many pitfalls and mistakes to make. At least 80% of new ‘workers’ last year were back at mums house after only a few weeks, so read on carefully to avoid being the melt who makes a big song and dance about going to work in a foreign land but comes home with their tail between their legs three weeks later.
Don’t show up too early. Yes, we know your keen as mustard, but Zante doesn’t kick off proper until the last week of May so for heavens sake don’t turn up in April and then wander about the empty resort for a month in all your summer gear looking like an absolute bell end.
If you arrive in April you will mostly get really bored and cold and blow all your money.
The Laganas Strip in April. There’s keen and then there’s too keen.
May the 4th be with you, aka Star Wars day is when the first big flight of workers lands, and clever be the bar owner who throws a beach party on that day! Many an enthusiastic first year worker has blown 300 euro on their first day at a workers party!
There won’t be many jobs going early May, however, you can make friends, get to know everyone, pick up an std or two and get your tan on, hopefully you can make it through to June when jobs start coming up.
So there are 3 ways to get started as a worker in Zante, ranked below in order of epic ness. Choose one depending how epic you are or think you are.

Option 1 (the best option)

Wing it. Literally wing it. Go on Skyscanner and book a flight. Don’t just look at them – BOOK!. Do it NOW! Booked it? Good, now you’re committed. Next book your first few nights somewhere cheap like Savvas. Then when you are in Zante, get out of bed and go and find a room maybe hire a moped for the day so you can get around. Ask other workers you meet if they know anywhere. Expect to pay 150 to 200 euro per month if you are sharing which most people will be, that’s less than 8 euro per day. You can still find rooms for 300 euro per month in Zante if you look around which is about £220 a month. Seeing as you can expect to earn at least 25 euro a day, this will enable you to survive the Summer. This option is good if you have self-belief, a bit of bottle, and also if you have a friend, or maybe two or three to share with. Failing that, find one on Facebook.
None of the Zante workers in this picture circa 2009 used option 2 or 3 below. They just turned up – and look how much fun they are having. 
Book with one of the many agencies offering a service. This service will typically include one month’s accommodation, a package of parties and a rep or two to take you out on the razzle. Yes, you pay a bit more for this type of service. However, you can relax about everything for the first month, you will be in the same boat as loads of other people and you will be able to make friends straight away. Now on the Facebook groups, lot’s of the ‘old skool’ workers sneer at agencies and will advocate option 1 above. However, these haters are just jealous that they didn’t think of the idea because they’re still working as a barman at 40 years old.
If you’re a bit shy and lacking in confidence, or you are just lazy and want the easy option then book up with one of these companies. A hell of a lot of people go home after their month is up as they realise being a Zante worker is not for them or they can’t get a job so you could also just look at it as a 30 day holiday. Try Ace Workers as they are a fresh company and are making a serious effort to provide a good service. There is also sun kiss, air pro and usually one or two pop up one companies.
Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you get out to the resort!
Read on to find out about how to find a job in Zante so you can claim you are a bona fide ‘Zante Worker’!
If you can bag a job like this geezers you will be doing allright!