Zante Boat Party 2019

Everyone who visits Zante will end up on a boat of some description, be it a pedalo, a speedboat, a glass bottomed turtle spotter or a daily cruiser. What better way to see the beauty of the island than cruising round the bays and beaches on a boat?

Some of Zante’s most beautiful places, for example the iconic and world famous Shipwreck beach, are only accessible via boat so if you’re visiting Zante make sure you get out and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous waters which surround the island.

As we have mentioned before on this site, the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea which surround Zante are the safest, cleanest and warmest that you will find anywhere in the world so perfectly suited for amateur sailors renting a speedboat for the day or party animals looking for fun on one of the big boat party’s which the island is now famous for.

You have a few options if you want to experience a boat party in Zante Summer 2019.

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Boat party options in Zante

Book a Daytime ‘booze cruise’

Daytime ‘booze cruises are held on small boats which can hold 30 – 50 people comfortably, although peak season they often pack on up to 100 people.

PRICE: These locally run ‘booze cruises’ range from 60 – 80 euro and you will often be enticed on to the boat with the promise of ‘unlimited alcohol‘.

We must firstly point out that unlimited alcohol and boats are not actually a very good combination. Also, as we have told you before and will no doubt tell you again, you need to be wary of ‘free bars’ in Zante as you are never going to receive the best quality alcohol – that’s if you receive any alcohol at all.

zante booze cruise reviews
Fun on a Zante booze cruise

That being said, it’s probably still going to be good fun on a booze cruise, although you will want to find out if the boat has some shade as you can end up horrifically sunburnt if you’re exposed to the midday sun – the problem is out to sea you can’t feel how burned you are getting due to the wind. On these booze cruises you can expect some games to be played like girls swapping swimsuits with boys, sexual position games and other stuff like pass the ice cube, which some of the young lads and lasses who visit Zante do seem to enjoy so make sure if you volunteer for one of the games you know what you’re getting yourself in for!

Book a ‘booze cruise’ from your hotel reps when you arrive

Another option is to book a ‘booze cruise’ from your hotel reps when you arrive. These will usually leave at 10am in the morning, so we have been reliably informed that every week at least 30% of people who have booked a ticket end up not coming due to a big night out on the Laganas Strip the night before! The rep organised booze cruise in Laganas takes you to St Nicholas beach where you can do water sports, however, what they don’t tell you is that the Greek’s don’t like anyone being drunk before they do water sports for obvious reasons, so the bar is only open on the return part of the trip, you can also enjoy games like blowing up condoms on your head and other silly stuff. This is an option if you don’t like the idea of partying on a boat and just wish to enjoy the scenery by day.

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Games on the booze cruise

Our tip for a Zante Boat Party

As you may have seen on our Event Reviews page, we think that a good option for a boat party is the famous VVIP Sunset Yacht Party so here’s our rationale on why we recommend this boat party.

Established with a good track record. The VVIP Yacht Party first set sail in 2012 and has been a major success, they now sail 5 times a week peak season with many sailings fully booked before the Summer. With 200 + boat party’s under their belt and 50,000 + people taken out to sea safely we can conclude it’s a professionally run, well organised party. The demand for VVIP tickets alone tells us they must be doing something right when it comes to boat party’s. VVIP state they have never cancelled due to a lack of numbers, which we checked out by looking at their Facebook Page and the photo albums and that’s evidently true.

We’ve seen a lot of social media posts from people in Zante who booked a booze cruise only for it to be cancelled, without them being told. The promotor then blames the weather and refuses to refund so this is a big reason to stick with an established brand with a reputation we feel.

Quality alcohol and music. None of this free bar rubbish which is quite refreshing. VVIP offer a champagne cocktail when you board and get the party started with Ciroc vodka shots poured from the bottle and fired from super soakers. They have a discount bar onboard where drinks are €2.50 and they use Smirnoff as their house vodka. They sell Absolute, Ciroc, Grey Goose and Belvedere by the bottle and have a range of champagne’s, beers and fruit ciders on sale.

VVIP’s venue is also fitted with a state of the art, out door sound system which is vital as they book big DJ’s and acts and this again makes a big difference to the experience compared to the smaller booze cruises.

VVIP Sunset Yacht Party Zante
Sunset onboard VVIP Yacht Party

When we were on it in 2016 the now very famous Nathan Dawe was the resident DJ and last Summer they had a range of DJ’s and artists including Not3s, Ramz, Danny T, Jaykae, Charlie Hepworth, Radio 1 DJ Target, Gracious K, Jamie Duggan, DJ Endor and a range of performers like saxophonists etc. Although VVIP don’t advertise as a ‘celebrity’ boat party, which we think is good, it’s clear that some semi-famous people have been onboard looking at their Hall of Fame gallery. However, personally, we think you shouldn’t be concerned if TV ‘celebs’ are going to be at a party or not – but that’s up to you.


We’ve followed VVIP on social media for 3 years and have seen nothing but good reviews, the basic consensus is that it’s the best party on the island plus the photo’s and videos from the events are always good with everyone appearing to be having a whale of a time.

Geordie Shore stars Scotty T and friends onboard the VVIP Yacht Party in Zante
Scotty T and co enjoying on VVIP Yacht Parry 2016
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Due to their size and success VVIP have been able to keep the price down, their ticket is £50 which is £15 cheaper than the other big boat party in Zante. VVIP also offer a complementary wristband which is quite useful around the Strip and on excursions and saves you a bit more money, which means in our opinion this boat party is simply a no brainer.

VVIP is well established with 7 years of success and a great track record, a very popular choice due to having the best venue, it’s cheaper, gets great reviews and there’s no nonsense about free bars, celebrities or taccy sex games and you get a few discounts thrown in for good measure.

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So, that’s the Naked Zante guide to your options for a boat party when you visit, whatever you choose, make sure you don’t overdo it on the booze and fall off the boat!

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