What’s the legal drinking age in the party resort of Laganas in Zante?

We get asked this a lot, obviously by concerned 17 year old’s worried they will get all the way to Zante and not be allowed a drink!!

This answer is definitive, based on 10 years in the resort and you can take it to the bank. You will never, ever, ever in a million years have a problem getting served at a bar in Greece if you are 17. You wouldn’t have a problem if you were 14. The Greeks have a very relaxed policy about alcohol. A 5 year old could walk into a supermarket, buy a bottle of whisky and I can guarantee they wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

zante best events 2019You will never, ever be asked for ID in any Zante bar, club or restaurant or at any event.

However, a word to the wise. This policy is so relaxed because young Greek people don’t down litres of cider or multiple vodkas and get themselves paralytic drunk, this style of drinking is alien to their culture. So, if you are blind drunk they will not be impressed, however, you can be assured that in the main nightlife area in Zante, the Laganas Strip, they are more than used to seeing extremely drunk British teenagers.

zante legal drinking age laganas

You don’t need ID in Zante – where would you carry it?

Getting Spiked in Zante

Alcohol is a poison and drinking too much can ruin yours and all your friends holidays and it happens night after night in Laganas all Summer long. Drinking in the midday sun peak season is a massive recipe for disaster, you can get heat stroke or severely dehydrated. Smashing a load of cheap booze when you’re not used to it will always result in throwing up or collapsing. Unfortunately, some victims of their own stupidity can’t just put their hands up and say OK I’m a twat because it’s a lot easier to declare ‘I never get like that down Yates in England I must have been spiked’.

Then Zante gets a load of negative news coverage which annoys all the hard working hoteliers and bar owners. Drink responsibly, be careful drinking in the blazing heat at pool party’s the effects of alcohol are tripled. Watch out for cheap, nasty booze which you will undoubtably get if you pay 1 euro for a cocktail and remember water is your friend. It’s really annoying, when you’ve paid loads of money for a week in Zante and you have to look after your twat of a friend all night because they’re rolling round in their own vomit! Trust me I’ve been there. Share this advice with the most likely candidate in your Zante squad.

zante legal drinking age

Finally, it tends to be younger tourists with a little less ‘life experience’ who have accidents on the roads in Zante. Alcohol is always the cause. So, if you’re 17 years old and you have convinced Mum and Dad that you are responsible enough to visit Zante with your friends by yourself, don’t let them down by being foolish and having a drunken accident. Get tipsy by all means, but keep your wits about you and look after your friends.  Don’t let yourself or your friends get so drunk you fall into the road and get hit by a car, I’ve witnessed that first hand on the Laganas Strip and it wasn’t pleasant. Also, don’t think it’s a good idea to go flying around on a moped or quad bike, as a lot of people have found out the hard way that it’s not. At the very least if you damage the vehicle you will pay through the nose. Did you know Quad bikes are NOT covered by your travel insurance? One poor Mother had to remortgage her house after Danny ran up a 30K medical bill.

If you damage yourself you will incur hefty medical expenses. If you damage other people you may face criminal charges and get locked up and of course you might even die, and that’s probably not going to be much fun.


Alan H. Ex Zante rep, PR & Barman 2008 – present

Here is some evidence to back up my assertions from a Travel Insurance company

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