There are scores of bars in the main nightlife area of Zante, known as the Laganas Strip –  it’s one of the top places for nightlife in Europe. However, watch out for bars that offer silly deals which sound too good to be true, you’re not going to be on the receiving end of good quality alcohol, in fact, exactly the opposite. 10 euros for all you can drink for 5 hours? Don’t expect Smirnoff Vodka! Every night peak season in Zante you will literally be stepping over the bodies of naive people in a puddle of their own vomit who have guzzled loads of dodgy vodka and the medical centres are overflowing with unconscious cretins who thought they were clever downing multiple shots of meths at 50 cent a pop. You won’t feel so clever about your 5 hour ‘free bar’ when you get the 100 euro medical bill for having to be put on a drip.  These were our favourite bars on the main Laganas Strip that you should definitely pop in for a drink or five and you can be assured the alcohol was GOOD!.

Naked Zante’s Top Bars to Visit on the Laganas Strip

Plus Bar

If this is not the best bar on the strip, it’s definitely in the top 1. We were in here every night to start off. Absolutely brilliant DJ’s hyping up the atmosphere and they usually gave us a table on the raised VIP area which was good for people watching and it just really seemed like the place to be. Didn’t ever have to wait at the bar for ages, and always a great holiday atmosphere. Out the back is a huge nightclub where events like the Nathan Dawe Tour is hosted, we loved Plus and popped in every night of our holiday.

Zeros Bar

Zero’s have the best bartenders in Zante, apparently, some of them are literally the best bartenders in the world! Take a seat at the bar and enjoy the show, it is nothing short of amazing what they can do with bottles and ice cubes.And if it’s your birthday, be sure to let one of the bartenders know as they have a little party trick for you. In fact just pretend it’s your birthday, or your friends, and get your camera out and see what happens #frothygoodness

G-Spot Bar

This was stylish, chilled out and just off the main chaos of the main Laganas Strip, and it’s where we started our nights out in Zante. There was waitress service, all of whom were disgustingly pretty, hunky barmen and it was nice to get in the mood here with some nice drinks, their strawberry daiquiri shots were amazing. G-Spot was our favourite spot for our first few drinks and unbelievably one night we spotted Thomas Powell from Love Island then the next night Jordan Davies from Ex on the Beach so a good place for celebrity spotting as well!

Rock n Rolla Indie Bar

If it’s banter and pure madness you seek, this is where to find it. Drunken Duncan is the host with the most at The Rock n Rolla, an absolute legend. He kept us very amused every time we visited and very well lubricated as well with fantastic fresh fruit cocktails. His lovely assistant Mr Toast also kept us well fed. This is a bar you will never forget and never leave sober. Home of the original Head fucker or Mind blaster, I can’t quite remember, all I do know is I left absolutely mortal. It also is the only bar in Zante with a dentist chair – so if you want to get as drunk as Paul Gascoigne in Singapore then get in there. Note: Mr Toast is a man wearing a large piece of toast on his head who distributes free toast to drunken customers. You can choose your topping from a great selection. This is why we like Zante it’s mental.


Very popular with the workers of Laganas, we were often recommended to go here. Very nice PR staff who weren’t too pushy, it was always busy so I don’t think they were too bothered if we came in or not. Drinks were great they always gave us some nice shots which didn’t make us want to throw up and the DJ was good, all in a nice holiday atmosphere.


A good place to get tanked up before hitting the centre of the strip, always busy, and a real party atmosphere with the barman, all of whom were FIT getting us all to dance on the bar and then throwing ice cubes up our skirts, which, I quite enjoyed : )

Life's a Beach Bar

This is where all the Zante workers hang out in the day time and is basically the place to be by day in Zante. The food is absolutely MINT with amazing burgers we were really quite impressed. Beautiful views of the sea, inflatables for fun, cabanas and lovely staff, all in all make sure you get down here at least one day on your holiday it’s lovely, we had a really nice BBQ here which was 5 euro and there was so much choice it literally saved our lives!

Sin City

Sin City is a contemporary bar that wouldn’t look out of place in Central London. This good sized venue is perfectly laid out and very stylish with lot’s of moody lighting but more importantly some stunning cocktails. One of the last bars on the Laganas Strip, only the strong make it this far down the road, however our Hotel was close by so we always popped in.

Ok that’s some decent Zante bars to get your teeth stuck into now Now Check out the Best Events and party’s in Laganas, Zante.