Naked Zante’s Top Tips to avoid being ripped off in Zante!

The Big Sting!

Go on Trip Advisor and research the hotel you have booked in Zante. One thing you will notice is SO many people trying to warn you about buying tickets for events from the ‘Reps’. It’s important to understand your ‘Reps’ are TICKET SELLERS! Just like the guys on the mopeds and outside the night clubs they want to sell you tickets and they intend to use the advantage of having ‘first dibs’ on you to the maximum. The main tactic is to jump straight on you before you have even unpacked. This is deliberate as they know you are tired and out of your comfort zone. They will say you need to buy NOW and are trained to put the pressure on. This is because they know if you walk out of your hotel you can buy the same events they offer cheaper. On our holiday to Zante our Rep came barging in our room pretty much demanding 275 EURO each! Some of us only had 350 euro for the week and the full amount for the 14 of us was nearly 4,000 Euro! He kept insisting we wouldn’t need any more money due to the ‘free’ and ‘discounted’ bars, however, as we explain below, there is no such thing as a free bar – it’s the oldest trick in the book.

When big commissions are at stake all options are on the table, some of which can be very upsetting. For example, one girl explained on Trip Advisor how her Dad reserved a table on a boat party to celebrate her 18th birthday, only for her to be told, falsely, that the boat party was ‘illegal’ and ‘rubbish’ and ‘always cancelled’. Our rep in Zante warned us not to buy the White Party in Zante as apparently ‘it was shi*’, yet it was in fact one of the best nights of our holiday.

Tour operators rely on their ‘Reps’ selling you their events in resort as it enables them to pay them a low basic wage, whilst YOU essentially pay their wages in hefty commissions. Your ‘friendly’ reps have been on an INTENSIVE sales course in the UK, where they are trained by experts at how best to take your money and they will try VERY hard to get it. And if they don’t, some of them may even turn quite rude! We feel it’s an epic fail to hand over all of your holiday spending money within 1 hour of landing to your rep. Day 1 of your holiday and you have 30 euros left of your budget – nice one!

What should you do?

You do not need to attend an ‘event’ every night while in Zante – there’s a huge strip full of clubs and bars and loads of fun and wild times to be had. Just go out for the night and have fun. There are some great events in Zante – the White Party, The Paint Party, VVIP’s Yacht Party, the Foam Party and some headline acts at Pure Pool Bar are all worth looking into. There are also some really crap ones, we heard a lot of horror stories. So, ask around! Compare prices! Research what’s good! Most people now reserve their events online and avoid commissions completely in resort which can save big groups LOADS of money.

When you do reserve online make sure you only reserve tickets via Paypal, this is crucial as it means if the event doesn’t happen you can easily get your deposit back. Any company that purports to do events in Zante but doesn’t let you use Paypal should be avoided. The big Zante events like Pure Pool Bar, White Party, VVIP Yacht Party, Rum and Raybams Booze cruise, Paint Party, Foam Party and party packages like A-List all use Paypal to transact so your deposit is secure.

PLEASE share this advice with your friends so you don’t end up with no money on day 1 in Zante or giving your card details to a fancy website run from Nigeria.

The Little Sting!

How does it feel to be mugged by children? Answer – not good! Are you a mug? Do you like your Iphone? Are the contents of your wallet or handbag important to you? Do you find your passport a useful thing to possess? The ‘Gyspy’ children in Zante are like pesky wasps. They buzz around and annoy you, and quite often they sting you. Drink too much and pass out somewhere – they will swarm over you and empty your pockets. Go swimming on the beach at night – they lie in wait to steal your belongings. Stealing the belongings of people skinny dipping is actually a full time and lucrative summer job.

So the street children are a general nuisance in Zante, however, just like wasps they are an essential part of the ecosystem. Don’t blame them if you are a victim. Blame yourself for being a drunken mug. Blame the capitalist war mongerers and multinational corporations who have impoverished and enslaved their country, forcing people to send out their babies to to beg, graft and steal from drunken tourists on the dirty streets of a foreign land. And remember, yes they are thieves, but they are also children and don’t know any better – so don’t spit on them or abuse them or hit them – if you do, you might meet their parents and trust me, you really don’t want to experience that in Zante! Share with the person in your group most likely to be robbed by a 5 year old girl.

The Self Inflicted Sting!

Ask yourself this. If you were the owner of a door, or a cupboard, or a window – and a drunken person smashed it up, would you be happy to pay for it’s repair? No, you wouldn’t. And neither are the Greek’s whose property you are staying in. If you break anything, expect to pay for it, and expect to pay through the nose for it. And you will pay for it, or you won’t get your passport back, or they will call the police. So many idiots smash in hotel doors and windows whilst drunk, then complain when they get charged 200 euros to fix it. Do the crime – you will pay the fine. This also applies to renting quad bikes – damage them and you will pay. Some hotel and apartment owners make a small fortune from this racket, so be aware. If you stain your sheets, perhaps with Henna – expect to be forced to pay 50 euro for new ones that probably cost about 5 euro.

Free Bar - The oldest trick in the book

Dangling the carrot of a ‘Free Bar’ or ‘Free Shot’s all night’ is the oldest trick in the book and thousands of you will fall for it this year, even the ones who read this. It’s simply irresistible to all optimistic human beings. Optimists, along with the naive and the foolish will envision being able to guzzle fancy cocktails, bottles of Corona and Smirnoff Ice’s etc – what could go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually. It’s important to understand this is a gimmick, usually to get you to go to a club or on a dodgy booze cruise so they can bump the price up. You pay 30 euro for a party with a theme like School Disco with a free bar. However, the organiser (usually the very friendly rep at your hotel) will only pay the bar or club 4 euro for your drinks! And they then need to try to make a profit on that! How do make a profit from 4 euro is the question? Well one trick is to only have one barman working so you can’t get served, which is obviously one of the most annoying things in the world, so you give up. Another one is to just have big bucket of ‘cocktail’ and scoop cups into it. It’s basically fruit juice with some red stuff added and all you will achieve is a sugar rush and erosion of your tooth enamel. If you fall for ‘Free Shot’s all night’ what sort of shot are you expecting seeing as some people could easily do a bottle’s worth of shots a night? Patron Tequila? Mango Circo? Absolue Citron? No – you will be getting a substance called ‘Raki’ which is home made and can also be used as paint stripper, so it it strips paint, imagine what it does to your vital organs? This home made alcohol actually resulted in one poor young girl having liver failure and losing her eyesight last year in Zante. Google it, it’s a true story so this is very important to know if you value your eyesight and vital organs. All the big events in Zante like Pure, VVIP Yacht Party and the White Party do not offer a ‘free bar’ as they don’t need too. Don’t fall for it for folks, choose what you want to drink and pay what it is worth, rather than risk being poisoned. Ok, now you know how not get ripped off and avoid injury and death in Zante it’s time check out the good stuff so let’s start with the PARTY’S!  Find out the best events and party’s in Laganas, Zante here.