Zante Party Packages 2019

So, if you’re aged 18 – 30 and visiting the party resort of Laganas in Zante then it’s fair to say you probably fancy having some fun. The good news is there are some great events and party’s that attract people from all over Europe going off every week throughout June, July and August in Zante and every year more big name DJ’s and artists are visiting the island to perform.

In July last year you could have enjoyed Nathan Dawe at Plus Club on Friday night, Ramz performing on VVIP Yacht Party Saturday night, Camelphat at The White Party Sunday night and DJ Danny T at the Zante Paint Party on Monday which is nothing short of epic and made many people’s holiday more like a mini festival.

The bad news is anyone can dream up an event these days and sell it on social media and there’s usually at least 5 new ‘next big thing‘ party’s promoted throughout the Winter, invented from someone’s bedroom at Mum’s house. So you need to watch out you don’t end up booking something that never actually takes place or is absolutely dismal. One legendary EDM pool party back in 2015 attracted a whopping 15 people and THEY STILL went for it! Here is a photo of the dancers who were paid 25 euro to dance for 2 hours at what must surely be the worst pool party ever. This big time Zante Event Promotor who’s strategy was to drive around in a 1992 BMW 3 series shouting OY OY at girls was never seen again.

EDM Music Festival Pool Party, Zante’s ‘biggest party with celeb guests’

So, basically you have 4 options which we rank below.

Reserve tickets or book an Event and Party Package online

A booming industry and if you can navigate through the thirsty promotor hype then this is the best option. Research what’s good to do and ask friends or family who have been to Zante before what they enjoyed. Use YouTube etc and see what you like the look of. Then reserve your tickets with a deposit, or buy them in full before you leave and save paying commission in resort. If you are a large group you can usually negotiate a good discount as the big event promotors like to have guaranteed numbers. The top selling package in 2017 was by A-List Zante and included Nathan Dawe Tour, VVIP Yacht Party, The White Party, Zante Paint Party and a range of discounts at bars, restaurants and on excursions for only £99 which was an excellent deal and made it very tough for the other promotors to compete with. It’s VERY important to understand there are events in Zante and there are non-events. Non-events pop up every year in Winter and then fizzle out in the Summer because no one goes to them. The reason why the A-List Package is popular is that the events included are well established for many years, are always busy if not sold out and have good reputations. Your deposit is secured by Paypal or EventBrite so you can’t lose it and A-List are based in Zante and have an office on the Strip so they are accountable rather than just being a website that will stop replying to your emails. If you waited until you were in Zante you would pay the same money just for  The White Party and VVIP Yacht Party so you get a lot more for your money by reserving.
Check their website for their offer’s for Summer 2018 – A-List Zante Event and Party Packages.

This was A-List’s Zante’s 2018 promo video which we quite enjoyed.

Buy from street sellers, shops or outside the clubs on Laganas Main Road

Sometimes it’s impossible to organise your friends, even if it will save you loads of money, so you can wait until you are in Zante, then wander down the Strip and buy from street sellers or outside the clubs. A good percentage of people do this, however, with events like VVIP Yacht Party for example you do run the risk of it being sold out and then you are basically f*****. You may also pay a bit more, for example, The White Party is 40 euro on the street, but only 30 euro on their website. VVIP is 65 euro on the street but £50 (55 euro) on their website. However, it is quite old skool buying from street sellers and personally I quite like the hustle and bustle of it. They are usually really nice people so not altogether too bad. Again, make sure you have actually heard of the event and don’t be fooled by the ‘free bar‘ swindle which is some of the locally run booze cruise operators main selling point as paying 50 euro to drink orange juice for 4 hours is pure folly. Don’t take our word for it, here is DJ Nathan Dawe being interviewed by Zante Media who gives a withering opinion about ‘free bars‘ (Nathan is nonchalantly drinking a mini bottle of Moet through a straw on this video ha ha!!)

3. Buy from Club Reps aka Sales People at your Hotel

If you’re with 18-30 or Thomson they have a well trained sales force who will hit you harder than the SAS on a dawn raid in Baghdad as soon as you set foot in the hotel. Their ‘Reps‘ aka Sales Team rely upon the commission you give them to prop up their rubbish wages (harsh words but true and comments have been left open here if anyone wants to dispute that)
You will pay top whack for the events here, the weekly events package in 2018 was 280 euro! They will make it sound like you have to do it and you HAVE to book immediately and the crazy thing is about 40% of people will still buy their party tickets at their hotel within 1 hour of being on the island. We have spoken to groups of people who were EXPLICITLY WARNED by their older siblings and friends not to buy tickets at their Hotel and they still did it, it really is astonishing.
zante tips

Reps love commision

 4. Don’t attend any party’s or club events in Zante

If you just can’t cope with the amount of face book pages claiming to be official, or people adding you on Facebook just to try to sell you a dodgy booze cruise then don’t go to any party’s or events and just enjoy the clubs and bars. If you don’t have much money then this is of course a great option, however, you may only visit Zante once so you may as well make the most of it in our opinion. If you get it right, like in the example week we mentioned above then you have smashed it, get it wrong and it will still probably be OK. You could of course always just rent a Pedalo for about 10 euro an hour, crack some beers open, put your Iphone speakers on and have a private party?
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A good way to find out what’s good to do is ask questions to real people, not event promotors who visited the island in 2017.
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