On the Greek island of Zante there is a road packed with bars and nightclubs known as the ‘Laganas Strip’ and behold – they saw that it was GOOD!

How to describe the Laganas Strip so you, dear reader, can get a taste of what you have in store for you on your Zante holiday. Many of you reading this will be on your rite of passage  – the first holiday abroad without your parents. You will no doubt be excited and so you should be, by definition Laganas is a party resort and there is plenty of fun to be found; but also perhaps you feel a little nervous, maybe you’ve heard some horror stories in the press or social media that’s made you apprehensive, so, let’s deal with that first and get it out of the way.

If you’re at least a little bit sensible and can stay in control of yourself and not get helplessly, stupidly, paralytically drunk, then you will have a great time in Laganas and you will be perfectly safe. If you drink like an idiot then you’re going to be more vulnerable to some sort of misfortune. Staggering into the road in Zante because you can’t stand up, is going to result in the same consequence as it would outside your local pub – you might get hit by a car or a bike, or in Zante it could be a quad bike or even a horse (Yes there are horses running up and down the Strip in Laganas and they have eye patches on which is probably a good thing so they can’t see what’s going on)

laganas strip zante

A very common sight in Laganas

laganas main road zante

Imagine what the Greeks think when the British turn up!

Drink 5 times as much vodka as your poor liver can handle – then as above, you’re going to be in a state and will end up lying in a pool of vomit. Every night in Zante peak season as you walk down the road you will see quite a lot of people sitting in the gutter vomiting, or being carried up the Strip by their mates. When the notorious Ultimate Party kicks out at midnight on a Thursday the Strip is like a scene from a low budget Zombie movie, with the drunken casualties lurching up the road, eyes glazed, covered in mysterious stains and gargling incoherently –  for the locals it’s quite entertaining!

Unbelievably, a whole industry has now opened up to cater for fools who drink too much in Laganas. PR’s for medical centre’s can be found prowling the Strip looking for casualties. You then get scraped off the floor, taken to a medical centre and put on a drip, which will sort you out, however, you then get charged 50 euro for the service, which is ironic as the reason you ended up so drunk is because you’re a cheapskate and paid 5 euro for a 2 hour free bar!! That makes you a massive c*** really doesn’t it ha ha!!

passed out girl in zante

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Anywhere.

If you remain aware that you’re in a foreign country, with a different culture, rules and laws and act accordingly and decently, then you will enjoy the resort, it’s people and it’s bars, nightclubs and party’s. If you and your friends misbehave with loutish, vile behaviour then, just like in the UK, you leave yourselves open to the possibility of getting into trouble, either with security or the local police. If you start fights and act like dick heads then you can be assured Zante has seen plenty of your ilk before and you can expect to be dealt with. As we point out elsewhere on this site, it’s a different ball game in Zante than it is in your hometown.

If you haven’t read our tips about how to avoid an expensive trip to the medical centre they are here. Zante Top Tips

The good news, in our very educated opinion, is that 99.9% of people who visit Laganas are decent, mostly well behaved young people looking to have a laugh with their friends. A small minority cause incidents and scenes that occur all over the world in every place where’s theres lots of people with alcohol involved, however, the chances of you getting mixed up in anything are very remote. Quite simply, if you see a fight or something kicking off in Zante, then don’t flock over and get involved, just walk the other way. It’s human nature to go and see what’s happening, but trust me, when the bouncers start spraying pepper spray and it gets in your eyes you are going to regret it. So, simply put, mind your manners and behaviour when you’re in Zante like you would anywhere and you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

Right, so that’s cleared that up. Now let’s get into just how much fun a holiday in Laganas can be. Laganas is a great night out, there’s loads of bars all the way down the road, and a hedonistic atmosphere that you just can’t help but get swept up in. Groups of friends from all over the UK (mostly) but also from Sweden, Norway, Italy, Serbia, Israel, Australia and other places will be rolling in and out of the bars, basically, getting more and more pissed as they make their way down the road. Drinks are cheap, the music is loud and there’s plenty of venues for you to enjoy. You will never have to pay much to get into a club in Laganas, the big clubs like Zero’s and Rescue are free entry, except if there is an event on. Waikiki may charge lads 5 euros, however, that will include your first drink, so basically they are just keeping the peasants out with no money out. The party doesn’t ever stop really in Laganas, during the week the clubs close at 4am and on the weekends at 7am!! There is also an after hours club for those who don’t want to go home called Ocean Inn or Oceans as it’s known, however, not many tourists will make it there as they will either be in bed, in a bush or lying on the pavement somewhere like above.

Night clubs on the main Laganas Strip

Well there is loads but the ones that stand out…

Rescue was the first nightclub to open in Laganas and is also the biggest. They spent a huge amount of money on their lighting in 2017 so this is a real first class venue for you to enjoy with a huge dance floor. Usually free entry this is a great place to roll in with your squad and have a shuffle off.

Waikiki gets the vote as the coolest club in Zante, only 300 – 400 people can get in their so they have a door policy and there is usually a queue, with R n B, Urban and Hip Hop played every night, Waikiki is very popular with the Zante workers.

However, the venue that really stands out and takes the cake has to be Cocktails and Dreams. It’s a penthouse club in the middle of the Laganas Strip with more lights than your average Las Vegas Casino – you can’t miss it. Trying to describe inside is difficult…but here goes. Its basically complete pandemonium; a sensory overload of music and lights and everywhere people are dancing on tables, on the bars etc. The drinks are really cheap, and to be honest not that great (they used to be minimum 5 euro and were decent but have now gone cheap and are not so nice), but who cares, you will never remember the minging cocktail, but you will remember the club it’s an absolute belter.

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Club Events on the Laganas Strip

Peak season in Zante you can expect many of the night clubs to be throwing events. At Plus Club on Friday nights peak season you have DJ Nathan Dawe which has proved very popular, Rescue have Joel Corry every week as a resident and there is also the Foam Party at Zero’s which is always very popular. Then of course there is The Ultimate Party at Sizzle Cub which is held every Thursday night, this is Zante’s longest running party. For more ideas about events and party’s in Zante check out this event calendar month via month so you can see what’s on when you’re on the island.

Zante Events June 2018

Zante Events July 2018

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